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Bourbon County 2019.2020.2021


BCS 2019,

2019 Bourbon County Stout, aged in a mix of Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, and Wild Turkey barrels, yields a rich, complex mouthfeel. Flavors of cocoa, fudge, vanilla, caramel, almond, plus leather and tobacco, permeate this beer and deepen with each sip. We’ve bottled Bourbon County Stout for 15 years and this year’s vintage is one that you will want to hold on to for years to come.

BCS 2020,

2020 Bourbon County Stout: The Original Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout. Our primary focus every year is to make this beer the best that it’s ever been, with the best ingredients, which includes the finest of bourbon whiskey barrels. This year’s Bourbon County Stout is aged in a mix of bourbon barrels from whiskey distilleries like Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill Distillery and Wild Turkey. Barrel-aged for a year to develop the complexity that only time can provide, Bourbon County Stout boasts a unique blend of flavors such as fudge, vanilla and caramel — topped off with a rich, complex mouthfeel.
Tasting Notes: Cocoa, fudge, vanilla, caramel, almond, plus leather and tobacco.

BCS 2021,

Our rich Imperial Stout is blended from a mix of bourbon barrels from distilleries such as Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey, and Buffalo Trace, each aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels for 8-14 months. Expect flavors of chocolate and vanilla, oak, whiskey, and molasses, followed by caramel, berry fruit, and almond.

Limited Time Specials


Korean BBQ Pork Belly … $8.25

We start by slow roasting a pork belly in bacon fat (Confit), then we cube it & toss it in our house-made Spicy BBQ sauce, finish in a frying pan and top with some sesame seeds.

Tijuana Corn Salad …. $14.25

Grilled corn tossed in chipotle mayo and placed on a bed of fresh cut Romaine lettuce. We top that with a bit of feta and paprika parmesan cheese, Hazel’s Famous Fried Shrimp and some tortilla strips.

Baja Catfish Sandwich …. $16.50

House prepared catfish, dipped in buttermilk and dredged in a seasoned cornmeal and flour blend. Served on a Ciabatta with Roosters chipotle sauce, cabbage, tomato and avocado. With choice of side.

Skandi Pork Chop … $13.25

We broil a bone in Chop, add apples and caramelized red & yellow onions, juniper berries and cracked pepper. Finish it off in the oven, serve it with the normal dinner sides.

Buttery Shrimp Bucatini …. $18.25

Bacon bits, Green Chickpeas, Asparagus and Mushrooms cooked in butter and tossed with thyme, red chili flakes and Bucatini pasta. Then crowned with some really nice broiled shrimp.


Red Flight…$12

  • Bonanza Cabernet  B $22  GL $6
    Scents of currants and dried roses, grape pomace and fresh tilled soil.
  • Sea Sun Pinot Noir  B $26  GL $7.
    Scents of baked cherries, toasted wood and fresh out of the oven baguette.
  • Two Mountain  Merlot  B $26  GL $7
    Bright vibrant Bing cherry, blackberry and coffee on the nose.
  • Clos De Los Siete Red Blend  B$28  GL $7.50
    Every Red varietal you can you think of is in this wine.
  • Murray Syrah  B $29  GL $7.75
    The first sip bursts with fruit flavors of plum, raspberry & pomegranate


White Flight…$12

  • Ryan Patrick Sauvignon Blanc  B $21  GL $5.75
    Floral aromas of citrus, peach and nectarine flavors.
  • Simply Chardonnay  B $19  GL $5.25
    Fresh apple, pear and tropical fruit on the nose.
  • Oliver Moscato  B $23  GL $6.25
    This Lemon Moscato uses the best juice from the west coast and pure lemon extract.
  • Conundrum White Blend  B $34 GL $8
    Apricot, pear and honeysuckle as well as bright citrus notes.
  • Frank Chenin Blanc  B $19  GL $5.25
    Ripe pear, quince and chamomile on the nose and a crisp finish.


Pilsners and Pale Lagers

Huckleberry Shandy

  • Lager 3.25% ABV  15 IBU
  • Wallace Brewing – Wallace, ID
  • Delicate berry and slightly tart, citrusy lemonade on the nose, juicy huckleberries shine through on the palate that’s anchored by a crisp lager and bright carbonation; final blend is unfiltered for a more natural appearance and taste.


 Local Logger

  • Lager  ABV 4.8%  IBU 28
  • Everybody’s Brewing – White Salmon, WA
  • Refreshment at its finest. This easy-drinking lager will make your day. Not too heavy, not too hoppy. Crisp & clean with a light golden color. Saaz hops help provide the true lager taste.


Wheat Beers

  • Widmer Hefewiezen

    • American Wheat Beer4.9% ABV 30 IBU
    • Widmer Brothers Brewing Company Portland, OR
    • When we first brewed Hefe in 1986, we knew we had stumbled upon something special. Hefe’s signature cloudy look, bold flavors and citrus notes defined a new style– the American-style Hefeweizen. At the time, we didn’t realize we had created the original American Hefeweizen and never expected that it would still be Oregon’s favorite craft beer some three decades later.


Groove Pineapple

  • Pineapple Wheat  5.8% ABV  25 IBU
  • Ten Pin Brewing – Moses Lake, WA
  • Mosaic hops brighten this American wheat and rye ale, along with a fresh pineapple squeezed into every case.


Blonde and Pale Ales

Fish On! Juicy

  • Pale Ale  4.8% ABV  40 IBU
  • KettleHouse Brewing Co. – Missoula, MT
  •  KettleHouse Brewing Co. is reeling in the spring season with the new can release of Fish On!, a Juicy Montana Pale Ale bursting with notes of white grape, freshly cut pineapple, and zesty tangelo.


Bellingham Blonde

  • Blonde  5.3% ABV  30 IBU
  • Boundary Bay Brewing – Bellingham, WA
  • Bellingham Blonde is a golden-hued, light-bodied ale with a floral hop aroma. This classic blonde ale is well balanced with low bitterness and a light malty sweetness. This refreshing brew’s crisp finish makes it the perfect complement to any excursion in the Pacific Northwest.





  • Pale Ale 5.4% ABV  41 IBU
  • Loowit Brewing Co. – Vancouver, WA
  • A facilitator of Human/Cyborg Libations, this classic NW pale ale features notes of pine, citrus and a touch of tropical fruit. Featuring Centennial, Cascade and Nectaron hops.


Buzzsaw McThunder

  • Juicy IPA 6.8% ABV  70 IBU
  • Iron Goat Brewing – Spokane, WA
  • Pale gold in color, this Juicy IPA boasts bold, dank aromas of grapefruit and pineapple with mango, papaya, and citrus pith flavors. It finishes clean and slightly sticky with a mild lingering bitterness.


Batsquatch Hazy IPA

  • IPA 6.7 % ABV  54
  • Rogue Brewery – Newport, OR
  • Juicy cloudy IPA with intense tropical flavors and aromas.


Citra IPA

  • IPA    6.5% ABV 65 IBU
  • Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co.- Great Falls, MT
  • We brew Citra IPA using Citra and Centennial hops to create an over the top citrus flavor and golden-orange color. These American made hops are the perfect fit for an American style IPA with signature aromas of grapefruit and orange peel. Munich and Montana Pale 2-Row malt complete this medium-bodied IPA for a flavor that we can’t get enough of.


Amber, Red, and Brown Ales

Big Eddy Red

  • ABV 5.4
  • Clarkston, WA
  • Roosters in collaboration with Riverport Brewery in Clarkston WA.


Barley Ridge

  • Nut Brown Ale 5.2% ABV 25 IBU
  • Bitter Root Brewing – Hamilton, MT
  • Mild roasted malt flavors with toffee like aroma.



  • Amber Ale    5.6% ABV 21 IBU
  • Laughing Dog Brewing – Ponderay, ID
  • A marriage of American and British ingredients creates an Amber that is aromatic and not overly hoppy. Caramel and toasty notes blend together with British yeast in a truly flavorful and satisfying beer.


Porters and Stouts


Vanilla Porter

  • Porter   5.4% ABV  16 IBU
  • Breckenridge Brewery – Littleton, CO
  • Aromas of vanilla and toasted grain set the stage for mellow flavors of vanilla and dark roasted malts in this popular porter. Don’t let its deep mahogany color fool you, this brew is packed with flavor, yet as smooth as they come.



  • Export Stout   ABV  7%  IBU 45
  • Pelican Brewing – Pacific City, OR
  • Like the force of nature it is named for, Tsunami Stout will bowl you over with its jet black color and dark seductive aroma. Roasted malts and unmalted barley give this full-bodied brew its dense creamy head and distinct dark chocolate and cappuccino flavors that swell to a clean, rounded malty finish. Grab a Tsunami and head for high ground.


Ciders and Meads

D’s Wicked Cider Baked Apple

  • Other Specialty Cider/Perry  6.9% ABV 1 IBU
  • D’s Wicked Cider Kennewick, WA
  • A refreshing drink with wine-like apple flavors.